WE ARE CLOSED FOR CLASSES 4/17/19-4/20/19.
WE ARE CLOSED FOR CLASSES 4/17/19-4/20/19.




Anything without buttons or zippers

  • Girls:  Leotard (not mandatory), leggings, shorts and a tighter fitting shirt

  • Boys:  T-shirt, shorts or sweatpants




Please pay early to re-enroll for the next 4 weeks to secure your desired class.  Each month, classes fill up on a first come, first serve basis.  If you don't pre-pay, it is possible that the class may be full and you won't be able to attend the class.  It is not advised to just come to the first class of the session and pay then.  It is possible that the class will be full and you will not be able to attend the class at that time/day.  We can help direct you to another time/day.


Please make payment by check or cash.  Using credit/debit or PayPal will result in an additional fee.  Please include child's name on your ckeck and drop it in the payment box.  For less than four weeks, drop-in fees may apply.  Payments are due before the class starts.  Please add $5.00 late fee if not paid by the first class.  We reserve the right to not let students participate in a class if their tuition is not up to date.




  • If registered for one class per week, one make-up class per session will be permitted.  

  • If  registered for two classes per week, two make-up classes per session will be permitted.

  • If registered for three classes per week, three make-up classes per session will be permitted.

  • Any additional classes missed come to Open Gym as a make up (within the same session).

The student must be enrolled (paid up to date) for the full, current session in which he/she wants to make up the class.  Students can not just come to the first class of the new session and count that as a make-up class if they are not registered for that session. We will try to accommodate you; however, if classes are full, you may not be able to attend the class.  One Open Gym can be used for one make-up class.  Make-up classes can only be used within one month after the missed class.  They cannot be saved and used more than one month after the missed class.  Missed classes cannot be deducted from tuition or credited.  Make-up classes must be in another class other than the registered class.  Please call or check at the front desk before coming to class. The reason for the change is to maintain low class size for your child.  Thank you . 




The following is the Dobre Gymnastics Academy policy for private lessons:

1.  Payment is due before the lesson starts using cash or check only.

2.  If you are late for your lesson, you are required to pay the full amount of      the lesson even though you may not get the full time (1/2 hour, 45 min., 1      hour, or 1 1/2 hours).

3.  If you have to cancel the lesson with less than 24 hours, you will have to       pay a $20.00 cancellation fee.

4.  Cancellation fees cannot be applied to any payment.




  • ½ hour  for one child  = $40.00

  • 1/2 hour for two children = $75.00

  • 1 hour for one child = $70.00

  • 1 hour for two children = $120.00

  • 1 hour for three children = $130.00

  • 1 hour for four children = $140.00

  • 1.5 hours = $100.00    



  • 1 CHILD - $45.00 - 30 MINUTES (CASH OR CHECK ONLY)

  •  1 CHILD - $90.00 - 60 MINUTES (CASH OR CHECK ONLY)



  • 1 CHILD - $45.00 - 30 MINUTES (CASH OR CHECK ONLY)
  • 1 CHILD - $80.00 - 60 MINUTES (CASH OR CHECK ONLY)



  • Before the first class = 75% refund or credit

  • After the first class = 50% refund or credit

  • After the second class = 25% refund or credit

  • After the third class = No refund or credit.  In the case of serious injury or illness, a refund will be issued for the remaining balane of fees when a physician's letter is presented to the director.




If less than 3 students, class time will be reduced 15 to 20 minutes less, depending on the length of the class.  No refunds or credits.






Parents and other family members are welcomed to stay and 

watch, however sometimes children get distracted.  If this happens, please redirect your child to listen to the instructor.  Additionally, parents/family members should not coach their child and/or distract their child from the viewing area.  Please only take pictures and/or video of your own child.  Parents are not permitted to film the entire class because other children will be filmed and this is a privacy concern for some parents.  No flash photography allowed.  Thank you.




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We are a short distance on the right hand side

 240-428-1031 - This number will ring at  Dobre Gymnastics. 

   301-793-8496 (or Text) For emergencies only



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